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    Demonstrating Our Impact

    03 Nov

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    mHealth is a relatively new field.  Our tools represent an enormous array of opportunity and potential to affect health outcomes in diverse settings.  But how do we know that they work?  We have anecdotes- community health workers telling us that remote patient monitoring has saved them long trips to and from the clinic, patients confirming speedier care in emergency situations, or clinics reporting referral loops that have been successfully closed.  Stories like these, although powerful, are just the beginning.  By having clinics tabulate their new rates of completed referrals, or by interviewing every health worker and asking them to estimate their time savings, we begin to see that the anecdotes are only small components of a vast body of change.

    We at Medic are committed to developing rigorous monitoring and evaluation structures with all of our partners in order to validate the impact of our tools.  To demonstrate this commitment, data on the outcomes from our first field site in Malawi were recently published in the Journal of Technology and Health Care.  The paper provides a treatment of the communication challenges that were faced at St. Gabriel’s Hospital, the manner in which FrontlineSMS:Medic tools were employed to address these obstacles, and a discussion of the outcome metrics from the six-month pilot.

    To read the paper, follow the link below to the PubMed NCBI listing:

    Technol Health Care. 2010 Jan;18(2):137-44.

    A text message-based intervention to bridge the healthcare communication gap in the rural developing world.

    Mahmud NRodriguez JNesbit J.

    Or, for off-print requests, kindly direct an email to


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