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    We are starting a project census

    06 Aug

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    There are only a few things I enjoy more than solving interesting, intractable problems using cool technology. One of them is sharing appropriate technologies in a way that enables people all over the world to solve their own problems. This focus on tools for the world, rather than “solutions” for a small client list, is a huge part of our impact model. With a full time staff of just four people, we are able to support projects in quite a few countries. Our staff have been in charge of only a minority of these projects; most of them are coordinated by innovators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who have found us and decided that they can implement our tools in their own organization or community. We support them remotely via conference calls, email, etc., but too frequently we only hear from people when they run into problems. We have found it very difficult to stay in touch with projects that are up and running. Our old word documents and PDFs about each project have started to pile up but we lack a basic, uniform data set that is up to date and comprehensive of all projects. So we’re undertaking a project census and we hope you will help us.

    The deal for our clients:
    We’ll continue to offer loads of free advice and software to anyone who will keep in touch about where, when, and how they are using it. This form is short – it should only take 10-15 minutes – and we want you to think of it both as a thank you to Medic and as a payment for our services.

    Our ability to fundraise depends on having good data about our end users, so I’m serious when I say that completing this questionnaire is as important as providing payment for goods received. Nadim (Medic’s Research Director) and I have tried to make it brief and easy, so we hope you will be able to complete it quickly and painlessly.

    Thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time to fill out this form! For those of you who are not actively working on a project, we appreciate your help reminding the rest of the community to check out the form.


    Find the form at

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